fry scream Metal bands from the 2000's often have a rich history of great metal screaming. Below are three bands that act as an inspiration to learn how to do the fry scream. Importantly, music is subjective. All of the below bands may be terrible to some, but they definitely offer a nice look into how fry screaming should sound (even if the band itself is terrible).

Coheed and Cambria- The Second Stage Turbine Blade

When Coheed and Cambria does scream, they usually do fry screaming. It is most commonly heard in the group’s first album, Second Stage Turbine Blade. Tracks like “Devil in New Jersey” illuminate that classic high-pitched wail of a good fry scream. The band has largely moved away from screaming, especially in their last two records. The last album that has some excellent examples is No World For Tomorrow from 2007. Since then, the band’s sound has been simplified and refined- almost to the point of being pop-rock.

The Devil Wears Prada- Plagues

Plagues is the group’s best album next to Dead Throne, and the one that best uses fry screaming. It is a rambunctious and abrasive record. It also features a very guttural version of fry screaming. It is so deep, in fact, that many say it is not fry screaming at all. Unquestionably, the band has an incredible screamer in Mike Hranica. Whatever one thinks of their music, they have definitely stepped outside their emo-metal roots.

Protest the Hero- Kezia

Frenetic and insane, Protest the Hero may have one of the best metal screamers in the game. The band has not let up, even to this day. Explore their entire catalog for some serious craziness.

There is a whole undercurrent of non-mainstream metal bands who are out there doing incredible work. Anyone can get lessons to learn how to metal scream. But, it often begins by receiving inspiration from some great bands. There is a distinct and often subtle difference in a guttural scream and a fry scream. Listen carefully to some amazing bands, and try to find that difference, sonically. Some of the best should act as inspiration for learning how to do it safely and greatly.